The Cenacle Structure and Roles

WomanPage3Hebdomadary (Leader of the Cenacle Group): is in charge of all the group’s gatherings. She oversees the whole Cenacle group and all the officers under her. She is responsible not only of organizing the Cenacle’s official Holy Hour, but also any conferences, days of recollections, retreats or talks for the Cenacle group.

Director of Formation: oversees that all members are given the material to learn the doctrinal teachings of the Church, especially those directly associated with Spiritual Motherhood; i.e., mainly the teachings regarding: the Holy Eucharist, the Priesthood of Christ, and Mary’s Fiat.

Director of Missionary Work: coordinates the evangelization of Spiritual Motherhood for the Cenacle Group. (All members of the Cenacle are considered to be unofficial missionaries). The Missionary Director ensures there are frequent invitations given to women to join their prayer times, the Spiritual Motherhood Sodality itself, as well as any conferences, retreats, or days of recollection. The Director of Missionary Work will also distribute flyers, pamphlets, and brochures to the members to help in the work of evangelization.

Bursar: supervises all the finances of the community, which includes but is not limited to: fundraising, order of materials, costs for retreats/conferences, and any money wishing to be donated to the Sodality of Spiritual Motherhood.

Secretary: takes notes of the attendance and activity of the group, especially that of the formal Cenacle “Holy Hour.” She also oversees all goals, and resolutions of the Cenacle Group; archives all prayers offered up (especially for priests), any “success stories” that the group has experienced, and also takes record of the birthdays and anniversaries of each of the members.

All other members of the Cenacle have the regular duties assigned to them as a Spiritual Mother.

 “Receive Jesus. Our faith tells us, that when we go to Holy Communion, we receive the same identical Jesus who was conceived in Mary’s womb at Nazareth. God has made the hearts of women naturally self-giving. But their womanly nature must be fortified on the Sacrament of Love to give them the heroic strength needed to mother the Church today.” –Fr. John Hardon, SJ

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