Already in a woman’s or prayer group? Integrate it within!

IntegrateCenacleThe Spiritual Motherhood Sodality and its Cenacle Groups were not created to “overtake” or “replace” other prayer gatherings or women’s groups. The practice of Spiritual Maternity can be incorporated in any women’s or prayer group, and will only add (and not subtract) to the devotion and faith of the ladies already part of an assembly. With the primary teachings of Spiritual Motherhood rooted in Devotion to the Holy Eucharist, Love for the Priesthood, and Imitation of Mary, all the doctrine and the works associated with the Sodality, help women answer their universal call to holiness. So, if you already have a woman’s group formed, or a frequent prayer gathering (such as a “block rosary”), the materials, flyers, brochures, and the ministry itself is intended to aid your group in whatever needs we can provide. Please contact us regarding how we can help!

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