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What are the requirements to be a Spiritual Mother within our Sodality?
Any Catholic female can be a Spiritual Mother within our Sodality. If you are under 18 years old, you’ll need your parent’s permission.

Does signing up to be a Spiritual Mother cost anything?

Because of the operating cost of materials, brochures, pamphlets, Blu-ray discs, recordings, etc., the Spiritual Motherhood Sodality is asking a tax-deductible donation of $49 a year, or $5 a month. If for any reason a woman cannot truly pay that amount, the Sodality will still accept any lady who wants to be a Spiritual Mother; money should not be an obstacle to be a Spiritual Mother within our Sodality! Please call us at (800) 818-0584 if you are in this situation. All consecrated women and teenagers do not have to donate to become a Spiritual Mother within our Sodality.

Where and How do I sign up to be a Spiritual Mother?
You can sign up to be a Spiritual Mother online at www.spiritualmaternity.com, call us at 800-818-0584, or mail in a signup form to:
Spiritual Motherhood Membership
P.O. Box 1863
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

Am I obliged under sin to be a Spiritual Mother and to do its duties? How often do I have to pray to be a Spiritual Mother?
Being a Spiritual Mother within our Sodality and doing its duties do not bind under sin. You are not obliged in any way to be a Spiritual Mother and say any specific prayer for priests; Spiritual Maternity is done completely out of love. You can cease being a Spiritual Mother at any time you wish.

I already pray for priests. What is so special about Spiritual Motherhood? How does it differ from praying for priests?
If you already pray for priests, then praise God; thank you for your work! Being a Spiritual Mother for a priest within our Sodality is a formal way to care for your priest (and all priests) with the benefits of our ministry. You, and many other women, can “team up” in a powerful apostolate to stand by priests and support them in their work. It is not necessary to formally sign up with our ministry to pray for priests, but since it is available and because the materials will most likely help, we encourage you to do so. 

How do you spiritually adopt a priest?
Women spiritually adopt a priest by willfully choosing to pray and support a specific priest. Those who are signed up in our Spiritual Motherhood Sodality actually sign a pledge which mentions their spiritually adopted priest by name.

Can I adopt more than one priest?
Yes, it is possible to spiritually adopt more than one priest. We recommend spiritually adopting only one priest, so many of your prayers will be focused on a specific priest. Therefore, if many women pray for a specific priest, then we know all priests will eventually be “covered.”

Do I have to know the priest that I adopt?
No. In many ways it is better that you do not know who he is, so your intentions can stay pure and free from unhealthy attachment. 

Where is Spiritual Motherhood in Church or Papal Documents?
Blessed John Paul II speaks of Spiritual Maternity (Motherhood according to the Spirit) in his Apostolic Letter, “On the Dignity and Vocation of Women”, in his Encyclical on the Blessed Virgin Mary, “Mother of the Redeemer,” and his Letter to Women. The Congregation for the Clergy speaks about Spiritual Motherhood in its “Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity.” 

Will Spiritual Motherhood keep me from my daily duties?
No. Spiritual Motherhood and its duties are incorporated within your daily responsibilities, and is unified in conjunction to what you already do on a daily basis. In other words, Spiritual Motherhood is tied in with the Universal Call to Holiness in imitation of Mary, so you can be sure it will only help your daily duties out!

Is Spiritual Motherhood for nuns and consecrated religious only?
No, as the Vatican Document “Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctififcation of Priests and Spiritual Maternity” states, “any woman regardless of age or vocation can be a Spiritual Mother.” 

What are some prayers you recommend as a Spiritual Mother? And do I have to go to daily Mass as a Spiritual Mother?
Please read the specific section on the Eucharist, the Priesthood, and the Blessed Virgin Mary for many prayers that are recommended to Spiritual Mothers. You do not have to go to Daily Mass to be a Spiritual Mother. 

Can I adopt a seminarian as well? I pray for seminarians all the time.
Yes, you can adopt a seminarian; there is no contradiction of adopting a seminarian and a priest as well. We ask that as you pray for your adopted priest, pray also for seminarians. The emphasis of Spiritual Motherhood for priests is done because the ordained priest currently offers the Sacrifice of the Mass and is forever conformed to Christ the Eternal High Priest. 

What are my benefits in being a Spiritual Mother?
From your dedication of praying for priests, God will reward you with many graces since supporting Priests means building up the Church. Also, praying for priests, shows love for the Eucharist since both of them are intrinsically connected.

How does Spiritual Adoption differ than Physical Adoption?
Spiritual Adoption entails no physical children; adopting a priest spiritually is done in the Order of Grace. Please see the section of the website entitled “Mary’s Motherhood and the Order of Grace.”

Do I have to frequent Confession to be a Spiritual Mother?
No, but frequent Confession is highly recommended for any Catholic.

Specific Spiritual Motherhood Questions

Is Spiritual Motherhood limited ONLY to priests?
No, Spiritual Motherhood emphasizes adoption of priests, because they make present again the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, which was the event that the Church was born (i.e. from the Side of Christ through Mary). All Spiritual Children will always come through the Holy Mass which is intrinsically connected to validly ordained priests.

Are other women becoming Spiritual Mothers?
Yes, there are women signing up to be Spiritual Mothers all the time; there already has been many Spiritual Mothers since the time of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Can I still have spiritual children even though I have physical children?
Yes! Spiritual Children do not conflict with physical children; if anything, it helps the vocation of Motherhood all the more since motherhood ultimately points to helping them get to Heaven!

I don’t see any results of my prayers for my priest; am I doing something wrong? How do I know Spiritual Children are being born by my prayers and sacrifice?
Being a Spiritual Mother for a priest is a hidden efficacious task within the Church. Many times you will not see the fruit of your work because it is done in faith. We know every prayer is answered by God if we pray with the right intention in the Name of Jesus Christ. We don’t have to worry about seeing the external fruits of our works; God will always take care of our petitions. Similar to seeing results of our prayers for priests, spiritual children are being born in the order of grace when a person (cooperating with His grace) says yes to the Will of God. 

When, where and how are my spiritual children born?
Nobody knows the exact time, place and process of spiritual children being born; that is completely left up to the Holy Spirit when and how He wills. This takes an act of faith on the Spiritual Mother’s part.

Is it better to be in a Spiritual Motherhood Cenacle Group than do it individually?
It is not necessarily “better” to be in a spiritual motherhood group than to do it individually; each Spiritual Mother decides on her own whether to join a group within the sodality or not; it is completely up to her and she should not be forced one way or the other. The Spiritual Motherhood Sodality recommends women join a Spiritual Motherhood Cenacle Group for fraternity and moral support, but again, is not required.

Why do I not see Jesus within my priest or priests in general?
At times it is difficult to see Jesus within priests in general. We should pray that priest’s conform themselves totally to Christ the Eternal High Priest and that they become saints. Regardless if the priest is the “holiest priest”, or the “worst priest”, Jesus still uses them to do His work, especially in administering the Sacraments. 

Who was the first Spiritual Mother?
The first Spiritual Mother was the Blessed Virgin Mary; she was the Mother of the Eternal High Priest, Jesus Christ. All other Spiritual Mothers participate in her Spiritual Maternity.

I am single and do not plan on getting married, do I have to be a Spiritual Mother?
You can choose to be a Spiritual Mother regardless of your divine vocation and state of life. It is completely voluntary to be a Spiritual Mother.  

Is Spiritual Motherhood an alternative to physical motherhood?
No. Spiritual Motherhood is not an alternative to physical motherhood. Both are wonderful gifts and should be done according to God’s Will.

What is the difference between Spiritual Motherhood and Spiritual Fatherhood?
Spiritual Motherhood is a vocation that imitates Mary, the Mother of the Eternal High Priest who was a woman. Spiritual Fatherhood is a vocation for men, which is given first and foremost to priests who are ordained to be Spiritual Fathers. Once a developed theology and writings from the Church and/or Popes are done, we will try our best to have a Spiritual Fatherhood program for lay men. We are emphasizing Spiritual Motherhood in our ministry because the Congregation for Clergy has written a document specifically asking that this be done. 

Miscellaneous Questions

Is Spiritual Motherhood “Pro-Life”?
Yes! After joining the Sodality, please read our booklet which has the section entitled “The Priority of Eliminating the Culture of Death” found in the “The Virtues, Fruits and Witness of Spiritual Mothers” section.

Were there any saints that were Spiritual Mothers?
Yes. All women saints can be considered Spiritual Mothers. To name a few: The Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Monica, Saint Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa of Avila, Saint Therese of Liseiux, St. Faustina, and Saint Hildegard of Bingen.

How does being a Spiritual Mother help with the increase of vocations?
The more a Spiritual Mother prays for priests the more young men will be inclined to imitate a holy priest they know, because holiness and sacrifice instinctively attracts.

Is Spiritual Motherhood a “Marian” Devotion?
Yes, Spiritual Motherhood is done in imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who said Yes to God’s will her whole life. 

Priesthood and Eucharist Questions

What does the Eucharist have to do with Spiritual Motherhood? Why is Mass the source of Spiritual Maternity?
Please see the section entitled “Eucharistic” found on this website.

Where and when did Christ’s Priesthood begin?
Christ’s Priesthood began in the womb of Mary, when our Lady gave her “Fiat” (Yes) to doing God’s will. At that moment the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity assumed a human nature and our Lord’s Priesthood started.

Where and when did the Ministerial Priesthood (Apostles, Bishops, Priests) start?
The Ministerial Priesthood started at the Last Supper when Jesus told His disciples to “Do this in Remembrance of Me.”

What do you mean when you say a priest is a victim?
Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world; He was the Lamb who was slain for everyone’s sins. In the New Testament the Priest and the Victim is the same, namely Jesus Christ. If an ordained Priest participates in the Priesthood of Christ, he should also try his best to participate in his Victimhood.

Is praying for priests really that important?
Absolutely! Anything for priests! No Priesthood? No Eucharist. No Eucharist? No Jesus. No Jesus? No Church. No Church? No Salvation.

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