Why a Spiritual Motherhood Sodality?


From the writings of soon to be Pope St. John Paul II (His “Feminine Genius”) and at the request of the Congregation for the Clergy, the Spiritual Motherhood Sodality (SMS) has been established to aid the Church in her teachings regarding the Dignity and Vocation of Women as well as the irreplaceable vocation of the ordained Priesthood. We hope to aid many women across the United States (and beyond) in their spiritual adoption and support of ordained priests. As they are entrusted to aid a priest, our sodality aims to instruct them in their role as being a Spiritual Mother not only for a specific priest, but to practice this special maternity within their vocation to whomever they encounter.

“If the desired renewal of the Church depends for the most part on its priests, then it will also depend to a large degree on the families and in particular women and mothers.”
–Pope St. John Paul II, Address, May 4, 1987

What is the Spiritual Motherhood Sodality? What is its Mission?

The Spiritual Motherhood Sodality (SMS) educates women regarding the importance of Spiritual Maternity and its connection with the Holy Eucharist and the Priesthood. The Blessed Virgin Mary is esteemed as the ultimate model to help inform women about answering their call to holiness, their dignity and vocation and also, their love for Christ’s Ministerial Priesthood.

What are the benefits of being part of this Sodality?

  1. On-going formation according to the teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church
  2. Being part of a Large Prayer Network
  3. Prayers offered up collectively not only for priests and spiritual children, but for you as well
  4. Fraternity and Unity among other members
  5. Common goal in participating in the New Evangelization
  6. Being on the Mater Christi Newsletter Mailing List (with many articles from religious sisters, cloistered nuns, and faithful laywomen)

After signing up to be a Spiritual Mother with our Sodality, you will receive:

  1. All Four of our Spiritual Motherhood Booklets (or all of them combined in one):
    1. The Essence of Spiritual Motherhood
    2. Selected Prayers, Duties and Intentions of Spiritual Mothers
    3. Virtues, Fruits and Witness of Spiritual Mothers
    4. Beauty of Being Woman
  2. A DVD or Blu-Ray Disc with recordings on the teachings of Spiritual Motherhood. Included on the video are recordings of the:
    1. Fathers of Mercy (Auburn, KY)
    2. Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word (Irondale, AL)
    3. Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration (Hanceville, AL)
    4. Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia (Nashville, TN)
    5. Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart (Owensboro, KY)
    6. Passionist Nuns (Whitesville, KY)
    7. Various Lay Women speaking about Spiritual Motherhood
  3. The Spiritual Motherhood Pledge (printed on color laser high quality paper)
  4. Brochures, Pamphlets, and other items to help identify you as a Spiritual Mother and to help spread it to others.

What are the daily duties of being a Spiritual Mother within the Sodality?

A Spiritual Mother within our Sodality spiritually adopts a Priest and promises to pray daily:

  • The Angelus (with the intention of doing God’s will in your life)
  • A Spiritual Communion (with the intention of desiring to participate in the Holy Eucharist – Holy Mass)
  • A Memorare (with the intention of entrusting your adopted Priest to Mary)

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