Mary’s Yes, Our Yes.

Today’s Feast of the Annunciation is a very special one for the Spiritual Motherhood Sodality. We remember how great of a role our lady played in salvation history, but especially her personal humility of saying “yes” to the plans of God.

I like to think that Our Lady was always used to saying that word – YES. She most certainly said “yes” to her daily duties as a daughter and helper around the house, “yes” to reading and contemplating the word of God, “yes” to serving others with a cheerful and magnanimous spirit. So at the moment that God asked something so big of her, she responds with the most natural disposition of her heart – yes! Fiat. Ecce ancilla domini

Let us thank her for showing us the most perfect example of uniting our wills to His. Today, I pray that we will gain an even better understanding of that word. It is not only an exclamation of submission, but an active participation in the work of God, and it begins with always being ready to put ourselves at the service of others.

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